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What’s the Deal With Israel?

Introduction to Romans 9

Michael Rosario

#1-Appoint her as His ELECT (Isaiah 45:4, 65:9)

#2-Enter into a COVENANT relationship (Gen. 12, 15, 17; Ex. 19, 34; 2 Sam. 7; Jer. 31:31-37)

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Through the Lens of Israel

So Close Yet So Far

Romans 1-8

Mike Rosario

  1. The Great Barrier, 1:18-3:20
    1. His View of God
    2. His View of Self
    3. His View of Sin
  2. The Gracious Blessing, 3:31-4:25
    1. The Payment
    2. The Problem
    3. The Pattern
  3. The Guaranteed Benefits, 51:1-8:39
    1. Peace
    2. Grace
    3. Power
    4. Freedom
    5. Endurance
    6. Security
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Philippians 3:9-11 Michael Rosario 4-12-09

1. The RIGHTEOUSNESS of Christ, v. 9 How do you get it?

1st-You have to REJECT your own "...and may be found in Him, not having a righteousness of my own derived from the Law,"

2nd-You have to EXERCISE faith "but that which is through faith in Christ,"

3rd-You have to RECEIVE it from God "the righteousness which comes from God on the basis of faith"

2. A RELATIONSHIP with Christ, v. 10 What's it like?

1st-It's PERSONAL "that I may know Him"

2nd-It's POWERFUL "and the power of His resurrection"

3rd-It's PLEASURABLE "and the fellowship of His sufferings"

4th-It's PURE "being conformed to His death"

3. The RADIANCE of Christ, v. 11 When will you experience it?

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1 Timothy 3:16 Michael Rosario Great is the mystery of godliness

#1-Jesus is GOD: "He who was revealed in the flesh"

#2-Jesus is SINLESS: "Was vindicated in the Spirit"

#3-Jesus is the Exalted SAVIOR: "Beheld by angels"

#4-Jesus is the SUBJECT: "Proclaimed among the nations"

#5-Jesus is the SUCCESSFUL ONE: "Believed on in the world"

#6-Jesus is SUPREME: "Taken up in glory"

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