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Archive for December 2008

Genesis 1-3

Mike Rosario

  1. What God wants us to know about Him,  Chapter 1
  2. How the World was made,  Chapter 1
  3. How People were made,  1:26-27; 2:5-14
  4. What God’s Standard is,  2:15-16
  5. Why we get married,  2:18-25
  6. Why we need to be saved,  3:1-13
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Hebrews 2:9

Michael Rosario

1.  The Picture of His Humility

  • ...made for a little while lower than the angels...

2.  The Principle of His Humility

  • ...Jesus, because of the suffering of death...

3.  The Purpose of His Humility

  • ...crowned with glory and honor...

4.  The Power of His Humility

  • ...by the grace of God...

5.  The Procuration of His Humility

  • ...He might taste death for everyone.
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Please enjoy Faith Bible Church of Fallon's 2008 Christmas Program!

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Inevitable Glory, Part 2

*Due to technical difficulties, Part 1 of "Inevitable Glory" is unavailable as a video podcast, but is available as an audio podcast.

Romans 8:19-22

Mike Rosario

  1. The Gain is not Comparable,  vs.18
  2. The Groans are inexpressibly Climatic vs. 19-22
    1. Creation
      1. The Desires of creation proves it,  vs.19
      2. The Dependence of creation proves it,  vs.20a
      3. The Deliverance of creation will prove it,  vs. 20b-21
      4. The Direction of creation proves it,  vs. 22
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Prepared for Glory

Romans 8:17

Mike Rosario

  1. It is a Victorious Life,  vs. 12-13
  2. It is a Guided Life,  vs. 14
  3. It is an Intimate Life,  vs.  15-16
  4. It is a Tested Life,  vs. 17
    1. Where our Treasure is
      • and if children, heirs also, heirs of God and fellow heirs with Christ…
    2. What our Comfort is
      • …if indeed we suffer with Him…
    3. How our Future will be
      • …in order that we may also be glorified with Him.
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